"At the end of June, I officially stood down as the first Director of Ponthafren, after four and a half fantastic years (sometimes challenging).

I’ve been incredibly proud to have worn my lanyard and to lead the amazing team.

During my tenure I’ve been in constant awe and admiration seeing and hearing staff striving to give the best support possible for individuals, who need the services that Ponthafren provides for the community. I’ve also been extremely fortunate to have worked with some incredible individuals, organisations and funders- all wanting to make a positive difference.

Ponthafren is no longer the organisation that I inherited, its grown, reaches more people, provides a range of support and activities whilst maintaining the original ethos and vision.

I will miss Ponthafren greatly and be sad to hand in my lanyard, but at the same time I am excited with what is ahead.

I wish the new Director Jamie Burt and the team all the very best for the future."