Corporate Memberships are an easy way for local businesses and organisations to get involved with our work in the community. We seek to build relationships with as many local organisations as possible.

We only ask that, as part of your membership, you make a pledge. That pledge may be to Arrange a Volunteer day, Deliver training for Ponthafren Staff, Volunteers or members, Sponsor an event, Organise a fundraising event or Make Ponthafren your Organisation Charity of the Year. You can also simply make a donation or something you think you could do for Ponthafren.

When you become a Ponthafren corporate member, your organisation will be a member permanently, unless you choose to leave. However, as we know your commitments may change, you will be given the opportunity to renew your pledge on on a yearly basis.

Which type of membership would you like to apply for?

Make a Pledge Make a Donation

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