What role do members of Ponthafren perform?

Members perform an important role as they get to question the trustees and senior members of staff at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The members also elect the trustees at the AGM so, ultimately, the trustees are answerable to the members.  It is the trustees who set the overall direction of the organisation. 

What Does Being a Member of Ponthafren Involve?

We ask members to agree to further Ponthafren’s purposes and

  • to uphold Ponthafren’s values [link] in all their dealings with or on behalf of Ponthafren,
  • to attend (physically or virtually) the Annual General Meeting and
  • to support Ponthafren during the membership year (which runs to 31 March) by

volunteering at one of Ponthafren’s centres or
fundraising for Ponthafren or
making a one off or regular donation to Ponthafren