Ponthafren Referral Form

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By completing this form you give Ponthafren permission to store and use your details to contact you regarding this referral. If it is not suitable for us to contact you for any reason, please visit one of our centres or call us on 01686 621 586 or 01938 552 770 when you have the time and privacy for someone to complete the referral with you.

Ponthafren’s Services

- Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you, helping you discover ways to deal with emotional issues.

- Our One-to-One Recovery service provides practical support on a one-to-one basis to help you live your best life, achieve your goals, and move forward. We can offer support with many areas including amongst many others housing, budgeting/debt, attitude to life, confidence issues, and managing physical health.

- SilverCloud is an online programme that helps you to develop ways of managing your own emotional wellbeing. It is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which focuses on the way in which thoughts can influence feelings and behaviours. SilverCloud can be delivered online only or by blending online with personal contact with a member of our staff to help guide through the programme.

- Our Life Skills group courses aim to help you understand your personal mental health and develop healthy coping strategies and emotional skills.

- Volunteering is not just about helping others or giving to your community. It can also boost your wellbeing by improving your confidence, teaching you new skills, helping you meet new people, or as a flexible step towards or away from paid work.

About the Referrer

Please ignore this section if this is a self-referral.

Regarding other organisations: It is the responsibility of the referrer to get consent to make this referral. Ponthafren may need to speak to the referrer for further relevant referral details, regarding waiting times, or to notify of client non-attendance/referral closure. If the person being referred has not consented to this, please make this a self-referral and do not provide referrer contact details below.

For further information on how your referral relates to data protection, please visit out referral privacy notice: www.ponthafren.org.uk/privacy-notice-referral-form