We all have times in life when we may feel stuck, not knowing what to do next. Having someone to talk your plans through with, who will support you at a time when you are trying to improve your life, can make all the difference.

The One to One Recovery Project is practical one to one support, empowering people to live a better life outside of their mental health symptoms. The project recognises the person and not the issue.

This project is designed to empower you to live a good life, achieve your goals and move forward. You may be recovering from mental distress and feel you need one-to-one support to get where you want to be. You may simply feel you need support to move forward in life.

We can offer support to people who are struggling with many areas of their lives including: tenancy issues; budgeting/debt; attitude to life, confidence issues and their physical health.

The project has staff based in both centres and offers home visits if required. The team provide support to anyone referred in, offering a simple yet effective approach to help you on your road to recovery. 

What can we help with?

  • Budgeting
  • Education
  • Quality of Life
  • Self Care
  • Support to reach goals
  • Building of confidence
  • Employment - whether this be help to returning to work, volunteering or updating your CV, interview support or employer understanding
  • Well-Being
  • Housing.

Make a referral to Ponthafren Association using our secure form

Ponthafren Newtown is opening our doors for appointment only Counselling and One-to-one sessions. We understand that your health is the most important thing during the Coronavirus pandemic and we are doing this as safely as we can.

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