We at Ponthafren Association are pleased that mental health is increasingly on the public agenda. However, we are also constantly reminded that there is still much to be done.

We believe it is just as important for us to promote positive mental health in the workplace as anywhere else. By working with Ponthafren Association you will demonstrate to your customers, staff and suppliers that your company takes mental health seriously.

We want to raise awareness of mental health issues throughout society and we'd be delighted to form a working relationship with your business to achieve this. We believe that all corporate partnerships should be a two way exchange of ideas and services.

Services we can offer:

  • Counselling (please contact us for costs)
  • Presentations and information days
  • Q&A events about living with mental illness

What you could offer us:

  • Choose us as your charity of the year
  • Plan a Strategic long-term partnership
  • Cause Related Marketing
  • ​Sponsorship opportunities

There are many more ways that both of our organisations could benefit by working together. If mental health is important to you and you would like to foster links between our charity and your business please get in touch.

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