Ponthafren began as a small support group in 1992, becoming a registered charity in 1994.

Throughout the years, Ponthafren has blossomed and helped many people.

We operate over North Powys and provide two wellness, learning and recovery centres and an outreach service, including a regular group that meet in Llanidloes trying to bring our communities together, to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Ponthafren aims to: "Promote positive mental health to the people of North Powys by empowering, inspiring and educating in an inclusive, safe environment."

We do this by valuing everyone as individual, understanding that no one person is the same. We understand that you are more than your mental health issue, and hope that with the support we offer, you can overcome the barriers that you face and find a new route to your recovery, making life time achievement and friends along the way.

Within our centres, we focus on health and well-being providing a wraparound service that provides: