What is the Role of Ponthafren’s Individual Members?

Whilst the trustees set the overall direction of the organisation, members have an opportunity to question senior staff and trustees at the annual general meeting (AGM).  Members also elect a proportion of the trustees at each annual general meeting. 

Under Ponthafren’s constitution members also have the right to call an extraordinary general meeting if they have serious concerns about the performance of the organisation. Please make sure you link people to the correct constitution ie Ponthafren CIO, not the old Ponthafren Association one.

The trustees are, therefore, answerable to Ponthafren’s members. 

Any member can also email the lead trustee, Peter Bayliss, at any time by clicking here.  When contacting Peter, please quote your membership number.

What Do We Ask of Individual Members?

First and foremost we ask members to:

  • uphold Ponthafren’s values in all their dealings with or on behalf of Ponthafren,
  • attend (physically or virtually) the Annual General Meeting, and to
  • support Ponthafren during the membership year (which runs to 31 March).

How Members support Ponthafren is down to personal choice. Members can:

  • volunteer some of their time
  • fundraise for Ponthafren
  • make a regular or one off donation to Ponthafren
  • offer their support in some other way

In return, Ponthafren will offer any necessary training, will keep you informed of news and forthcoming events and will invite you to occasional member-only meetings where you will have an opportunity to learn more about our work, to tour our premises, and to meet the trustees.

Apply to be a Member