Tom and Dylan have decided to take on the one-hundred mile distance, and would really like to take this opportunity to raise money for a good cause! They will be running the 'Chester Ultra 100' race on May the 30th next year. They have 6 months to train for the ultra-marathon which must be completed in under 32 hours, and would love your support!
When considering charities, we knew we had to choose something we were both passionate about. Mental health was the obvious option, so we both decided on raising money for our local mental health charity - Ponthafren Association.
Ponthafren provide crucial support to those in, and recovering from mental distress, across North Powys. They do so by offering counselling, life-skill courses, one-to-one recovery support and more, from their two bases in Welshpool and Newtown. They also host a full week of activities which provide community, and socialising for those who need it.

We would love to support Ponthafren Association because we are passionate about mental health and well-being. We understand the importance of any charity which provides crucial help to those recovering from mental distress, and if we are in any position to help, its our pleasure!

So if you'd like to help us raise some money, raise some awareness and make a real difference for members of our community who may be struggling, we'd be very grateful for any of your donations.
Lets do this!

Tom Duthie