Thinking about training for the London marathon and fundraising for Ponthafren makes me realise that it’s bigger than raising money it’s more important we raise awareness of what everyone involved gives to the charity. The fantastic work that goes on.

Last week I was away in Snowdonia national park and the surrounding area was inspiring! I realised how lucky I am. I was able to go for a run up mountains (well lots of walking as well).


I spent a couple of hours on my own exploring and felt so grateful to be able to do it. My health is ok and I don’t have to worry about other things as running and walking help me keep my mind straight.


This weekend I spent the morning with 2 other friends and we went exploring the area again I am so lucky.

If you live in Newtown look towards Caersws direction see the mast in the distance that’s where we headed. hilly? Yes. Challenge? Yes! Worth it? Absolutely!!!


It’s taken me a couple of years to build up to the distance I can do, but most importantly I took the first steps by joining the walk to run group. I know that If people want to try a walk or run there is always someone who will join you, for now head up and see what’s on our doorstep.

Sue Carroll