Charles is a qualified accountant with over 30 years experience in charitable and other not-for-profit organisations. Charles’ career has involved being a Finance Director and Director of Governance. In these roles he has had responsibility for financial and strategic planning, financial controls and risk management, along with ensuring resources are used effectively and for the appropriate purposes.

To complement the Director role positions, Charles has been a hand-on Treasurer for a number of charitable organisations. While these have been relatively small organisations this has not meant any less scrutiny and Charles has stressed the importance of probity and openness.

In his career he completed the Institute of Leadership and Management qualification and Certificate in Corporate Governance. These completement the Economics degree and Accountancy qualification to ensure a wider corporate view of information and performance, rather than a narrow technical finance perspective.  

Charles also has a passion for classic cars; researching, repairing but above all, driving his classic car, particularly within the Welsh Mountains.