Support your employees with our business-to-business mental health and wellbeing services
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We provide two wellness, learning and recovery centres in North Powys, alongside remote and outreach services, to help bring our communities together and reduce mental health stigma. We have a strong history and are proud to support people locally.

In addition to our community services, we present our business-to-business services. Working with organisations these services engage directly with their people to enhance their mental health and wellbeing.  As a not for profit, the income from our Employee Assistance Services supports our community activities.

Give your people access to the innovative, high-quality health and wellbeing services they deserve.

Our Business-To-Business Services

Support your employees with our mental health and wellbeing services. From everyday mental wellbeing needs to individualised support where necessary.

Private Counselling

Confidential counselling delivered by our qualified professionals.

Work or personal issues can majorly impact a person's mental and physical health, affecting their ability to work productively and safely. Problems can include work, health, prioritisation, relationships, personal finances, loss, bereavement and past trauma. At times these can stretch a person's capability to cope and leave them feeling overwhelmed.

The right kind of support can make all the difference during these times. Whilst our general counselling service is available, this service has a long wait time. Our workplace counselling is given immediate priority and allocated specialists. Our counsellors can support employees to find ways to overcome difficulties so that they can remain at or return to work.

Priority services for businesses
£55 per session

Business Networking Groups

We offer two business networking groups monthly at our centres. These groups are an opportunity to promote your business alongside meeting likeminded people and getting peer to peer support

£5 per person per session

Support Days

Group or individual support days tailored to your needs. Our specialists can provide for support with bereavement, trauma, conflict resolution or emotional wellbeing. 

Up to 6 people
£Dependent on individual package

Staff Workshops

Course options: stress management, conflict resolution, assertiveness, anger management, resilience, confidence building, decision making and emotional wellbeing.

Half a Day Each (4 Hours)
Up to 10 people per session

The Statistics

Evidence shows that on average, the cost of replacing a member of staff is £5,433, not to mention the loss of time while that staff member is introduced to their role and settles into their job; therefore staff retention is essential.

Businesses are shown to be 21% more profitable with an actively engaged workforce.

Ponthafren want to help businesses in their role as employers create a workforce who...

  • Feel happier at work
  • Feel more motivated
  • Feel valued
  • Feel cared for
  • Have better timekeeping by wanting to come to work
  • Have fewer sick days

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