Trustees have overall control of Ponthafren and are responsible for ensuring we do what was set out to do. Being a Trustee means making strategic decisions that will impact others, and making sure we make a difference to our local community. To become a trustee you must be appointed. Trustees main duties are to:

  1. Ensure Ponthafren is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit
  2. Comply with Ponthafrens governing document and the law
  3. Act in Ponthafrens best interests
  4. Manage Ponthafrens resources responsibly
  5. Act with reasonable care and skill
  6. Ensure Ponthafren is accountable 

We at Ponthafren require our Trustees to:

  1. Have proven leadership skills and a number of years experience at Management level
  2. Have proven success in charitable fundraising or success in winning tenders from commissioning bodies
  3. Be able to work in partnership with other organisations
  4. Clear understanding of organisational finance and experience of preparing and monitoring budgets
  5. Experience of working with vulnerable adults
  6. Strong understanding of legal obligations in terms of HR, Finance and Boards of Trustees.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact [email protected] for an application pack.