As the London Marathon is around the corner, Sue Carrol, tells us how she has prepared to run the Marathon on behalf of Ponthafren:

"I did a 20 mile run last week and I've been with Mind's walk to run group as a volunteer.

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis, so my foot has been quite painful. But, once I get to a couple of miles in, it numbs and it won’t get worse, so we plod on. I have been very lucky with the weather.

I am currently going on training sessions, doing five miles a week and couple more longer runs. I usually do 18 and 15 mile runs and then will taper. I went out and did my own run this morning. I then joined Sunday strider to take a group. It's all good training.

I am getting so excited now, as the London Marathon organisers are starting to email me suggestions and information. I'm looking forward to it.

I am raising money in many different ways. I have two scratch cards available at the moment, so that should raise a couple of hundred pounds. I am also planning to do a cake stall at the park run and possibly after the marathon for donations."

It's been such a tough time for Sue to be raising donations, due to COVID, and if you would like to donate to her Marathon fund for Ponthafren, please click the button below.