Ponthafren would like to thank the Welshpool Lodge and Powis Lodge of Freemasons (who are part of North Wales Freemasons) for their £3000 donation on Thursday (1/10/2020). Their support of Ponthafren Association is much appreciated and their donation will be invaluable in helping us to promote positive mental health during this challenging time for all of us.

It's not the first time Ponthafren has received donations from the Freemasons. Ponthafren has received £1000 from the North Wales Freemasons and an additional £1000 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation this year.

Ponthafren, based in three areas of North Powys, provides a caring community, offering support to those in need and promotes mental health and well-being for all. Ponthafren has continued to provide its much needed services throughout the COVID crisis and has been a key member of the Newtown Network.

The Freemasons work in our local community is extremely valuable. There are more than 3,000 North Wales Freemasons and, in partnership with the  Masonic Charitable Foundation the organisation identifies local needs and provides essential support to their own communities.

The local lodge first became aware of Ponthafren as a charity when the association made an appearance on the BBC’s ‘Glorious Gardens from Above’ a few years ago and have been keen to support our work ever since.

Ponthafren believes that our success as a charity has been due to the support we receive from so many communities and organisations across Wales. Our motto has always been ‘Support us to support you’.