The second edition of a printable leaflet containing up-to-date information for Newtown businesses and helpful telephone numbers is now available at

The Newtown Network was set up for residents of Newtown, Powys and surrounding area, looking to help one another out during the Covid-19/Coronavius pandemic.

They started out as a few volunteers and are now a "Network" involving volunteers and professionals from many organisations in the town including Newtown Town Council, PAVO Community Connectors, Ponthafren Association, South Montgomeryshire Volunteer Bureau, the Salvation Army and All Saints Church.

The Network is evolving day-by-day in response to what is needed in the town. They aim to be a focal point for information and support volunteers to help people access food, complete errands etc - particularly those who are elderly, disabled and/or immunocompromised.

You can download your copy by visiting

The leaflets are in print and will be distributed throughout the town as soon as possible.