Around the World in Eighty Days (in one and a half hours)

An enthusiastic capacity audience filled the main room at Ponthafren Welshpool on Wednesday 13th March to watch Jules Verne’s classic book brought to the stage (well... actually, the designated section of the floor).

Locally based The Land Rovers Theatre Co., with a cast of thousands (well... three actually) and a full orchestra (okay... two), created a brilliant musical comedy which totally engaged and entertained the crowd. Pure enjoyment with laughs a plenty. Just as the doctor ordered.

  • No West End ticket prices here (It was completely FREE).
  • No hiked up bar prices (no bar and tea or coffee 30p a cup).

Andrew Lloyd Webber and co could learn a lot from this. Accessible theatre made accessible to ordinary people. So let’s hear it for the The Land Rovers Theatre Co. (go see them) and Ponthafren (come visit us!)

And a special thank you to all who made this possible.

(This article was written by a Ponthafren Association Member)