A local festival has donated £500 to Ponthafren, but is looking for more volunteers for their next event.
Ponthafren would like to thank 'SWS on the loose' and Karl Wigley for their kind donation of £500.
"'Sws on the loose' have also just donated £500 each to Ponthafren and Families Need Fathers - Both Parents Matter Cymru. Two great charities that help a lot of local people everyday. Mental health and good fathers not being able to see there children seem to be on a rise local and throughout the uk. We hope this money can help the people that need it!! We all know someone that these two charities have or can help." - Karl Wigley
'SWS on the loose' are hosting a Memorial day on 3rd June 2023 in Caersws and are looking for volunteers to help run the event. There will be bands, football and other things happening. All proceeds will go to local charities.
If you would like to help out, please get in touch!