Ponthafren Association has launched our new Feel Good Values. These new values replace the rigid rules the Association had. We feel that the Feel Good Values better represent us as an Association.

We hope that the new Feel Good Values will make Ponthafren's centres in North Powys even more welcoming places to be. The Feel Good Values are aimed at allowing all of our staff, volunteers and members to be:

  • Free:
    Free to do what we want, when we want and how we want, providing we do not upset others.
    • Listen to the thoughts and feelings of others.
    • Communicate comfortably in a way that doesn't offend.
    • Being respectful and mindful of both our needs and the needs of others.
    • Able to visit Ponthafren and feel safe and comfortable.

  • Energised:
    Your time spent with Ponthafren should leave you feeling energised to enjoy the world.
    • We never put anyone down or cast comment on their goals.
    • We know that our own goals are equally important as the goals of others.
    • We encourage our friends and colleagues to meet and overcome challenges and, in turn, feel energised ourselves.

  • Empathetic:
    We try to understand how others might feel about something and help them to understand our own view of the world.
    • We never shame anyone or put up with feeling shamed by others.
    • We respond to the requests of others when we can.
    • We understand that what we may be happy to discuss and what others may be happy to discuss need not be the same.
    • We do not hide away from our own situation and see value in the support of others who empathise with us.

  • Living Well:
    We all deserve to be able to live a healthy meaningful life and at Ponthafren we work
    together to make that happen.
    • We do not put others in stressful situations.
    • We do not expect others to take responsibility for our own situations.
    • We DO share our situation if we feel comfortable to so that others can help us live well.
    • We share good news and show our support.

  • Good Natured:
    We will be kind and warm hearted.
    • We do not use threatening or offensive language.
    • We do not give someone something on the expectation they must return the favour.
    • We say please and thank you.
    • We follow the signs given to us by others such as 'please don't disturb'.
    • Where we can, we accommodate the needs of others without compromising our own needs.

  • Observant:
    We look out for each other.
    • We offer support and advice if we can and if it is wanted.
    • We help each other.
    • We look around us and see what we can do to help.

  • Open:
    We can be open with our feelings and thoughts.
    • We are honest with each other but never aim to hurt others in pursuit of honesty.

  • Doing No Harm:
    We never harm another person.
    • We do not use offensive language.
    • We respect the property of others.

Ponthafren is continuing on our path of change to embrace the future for our association and our Feel Good Values will be a core part of our plans as we build to a bright future.