Ponthafren held an event on Tuesday 16th November 2021 as a thank you to all of our hard working volunteers, donors and fundraisers.

As part of the Thank You event, Ponthafren awarded Volunteer of the Year to Adam Payne for all of his hard work in both of our centres. As well as giving every one of our volunteers a big thank you.

Above: Adam Payne receives his Volunteer of the Year Award from Peter Bayliss, chair of trustees.

We were also able to acknowledge some of the organisations and donors that have been so important to Ponthafren's success and the setting up of our new centre at the Armoury in Welshpool. We were also pleased to thank the organisations we work in partnership with to deliver our services. John Friend from Paveaways (Pictured at the top of the page receiving his award) was placed with us for 6 weeks in the Armoury and was instrumental in helping us with the work in the building.

Above: Alison Dunne, Powis Castle work in partnership, and Cecilia Forsythe, Adult Learning Wales pictured with Julia Gorman, Ponthafren Operations Manager. Powis Castle, ALW and Ponthafren work together in the community gardens at Powis Castle.  

We were also able to tell the sometimes unsung heroes of Ponthafren how much we think of them. Our trustees are so important to the way Ponthafren is run and it was wonderful to acknowledge their work.

Above: Trustees Susan Kilgour, Peter Bayliss and Frank Corfield are honoured on behalf of all Ponthafren Trustees by Claire Cartwright, Director and Julia Gorman, Operations Manager.

Brian Jones, local artist, was also honoured for his contribution to Ponthafren as Art tutor for many years. After his retirement from the role during the pandemic, we were very pleased to be able to acknowledge him and thank him.

We'd also like to thank everyone who was not able to attend the event. We are always overwhelmed by how the community does such great work with Ponthafren.

So. THANK YOU to all of you.