Ponthafren Association recently held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday the 25th September. 

The meeting introduced a very exciting project that Ponthafren will be piloting called: SilverCloud.

Ponthafren has teamed up with the Powys Teaching Health Board (PTHB) to provide a blended approach to reach the needs of individuals living in North Powys. 

What is Silvercloud?

Silvercloud is an online service that offers computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (cCBT), and programmes that are to benefit the individuals well-being and promote positive health.

Silvercloud is going to be a Wales wide scheme and the "traditional" - solely online approach has been live since the 1st May 2018 with positive results.

The PTHB has purchased eight programmes - Space from Anxiety and Depression, Space from Depression, Space from Anxiety and Space from CHD (coronary heart disease), Space from Diabetes Well-Being, Space from Chronic Pain, Space from Stress and Space from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).  

They have also purchased six additional modules to help with other issues to better someone's well-being - Employment, Behavioural Experiments, Sleep, Relaxation, Self-Esteem and Anger Management. 

Who is it for?

Silvercloud is for anyone 18 and over! The platform has been developed for people who have low risk symptoms. Although the person will need to have some computer skills.

Where does Ponthafren fit in? 

Ponthafren will be piloting a blended approach to the project, offering fortnightly face to face appointments with a counsellor, to support those who may need support to use the Silvercloud platform and want some face to face support. Meaning some of the modules and programmes can be done physically rather than electronically.

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