Our new address is Ponthafren Welshpool, The Armoury, Brook Street, Welshpool SY21 7NA.

As many of you may know, we have been searching for a new site for Ponthafren Welshpool for some time. As our services and the number of people who use those services have increased over the years, we have needed to find a bigger space for Ponthafren to grow into. We have received help from many organisations to find suitable new premises and we are very excited to have found the Armoury.

The Armoury in Welshpool will be the new site of Ponthafren Welshpool and a lot of work has already begun to make the new site a great place to be for our community. Everyone at Ponthafren is extremely excited about the potential of this new site and we think the Armoury will become the ideal premises to build a Ponthafren centre for all of us to be proud of.

The new building, which was previously the Armoury Recreation Centre, offers many opportunities for Ponthafren to expand our services for Welshpool and the surrounding area.

We hope our new Centre at the Armoury will help us build a bright future in Welshpool.

When we are able to open again, you will be able to expect the familiar Ponthafren welcome when you come through the new building's doors.